Huon Valley's Grove of Giants

Huon Valley’s

Grove of Giants

The Grove of Giants is a 100-hectare area of old-growth forest located in the Huon Valley, southern Tasmania. 

The Grove of Giants is one of Australia’s best-remaining stands of giant trees, but unfortunately is unprotected and scheduled to be logged in the next few years. Lathamus Keep is located within the forest, the largest Tasmanian Blue Gum by volume in the world (over 320 cubic meters).

The Grove of Giants contains over 150 monster trees 4 meters in diameter or larger.

The Grove of Giants is irreplaceable, it needs to be protected immediately so that everyone can enjoy this outstanding forest.

For further information and to sign the open letter calling for the protection of the Huon Valley’s Grove of Giants, visit the The Tree Projects website

Darren Wright Photography
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Huon River, lutruwita/Tasmania


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