About Landscape Photographer Darren Wright.

A passionate photographer, Darren moved to lutruwita/Tasmania permanently in late 2022 to embark on his role as the Industry Support and Marketing Coordinator for Destination Southern Tasmania. His arrival marked a new chapter in his career, allowing him to delve into the captivating landscapes and vibrant tapestry of experiences this island state offers.

Armed with his camera, Darren’s tenure has been an enriching exploration beyond the incredible landscapes. His responsibilities have allowed him to visit businesses and attractions, seizing invaluable moments and encapsulating unique opportunities.

For Darren, Southern Tasmania is brimming with photographic prospects at every turn. It’s a wealth of locations and moments to be captured. His conviction in the region’s allure is profound; it is a testament to the extraordinary canvas Tasmania paints for photographers.

Over the years, Darren has curated a diverse portfolio, capturing live music, events, aerial perspectives from helicopters, real estate, landscapes and the nuances of tourism. His journey has been one of perpetual learning and growth—a continuous cycle of discovery that he relishes with a passion.

Darren’s dedication to his craft intertwines seamlessly with his role in promoting Southern Tasmania, making him not only an industry enthusiast but also an artist who cherishes and encapsulates the spirit of Southern Tasmania.

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Darren Wright Photography
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Huon River, lutruwita/Tasmania


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