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Tasmanian Landscape Photography

lutruwita/Tasmania, The Huon Valley, Hobart and the Far South


Bowhill Grange, Tasmania. Darren Wright Photography
Huon Valley, lutuwita/Tasmania
South Coast Bay Track - Darren Wright Photography
Crows Nest Falls National Park, Queensland.
Mount Pleasant Radio Astronomy Observatory
Port Esperance Bay, Dover. Darren Wright Photography
Huon River., Darren Wright Photography
Woolmers Estate. Darren Wright Photography
Sleeping Beauty. Darren Wright Photography
nipaluna - Hobart. Darren Wright
Southern Aurora. Darren Wright Photography
Adamsons Peak, Dover. Darren Wright Photography

My latest landscape photography articles

Port Esperance Coastal Walk
Port Esperance Coastal Walk

Dover, lutruwita / Tasmania Port Esperance Coastal WalkIn the heart of Dover, Southern Tasmania, lies a picturesque coastal area waiting to be explored – the Port Esperance Coastal Walk. This trail not only offers breathtaking natural beauty but also provides a...

St Johns Anglican Church, Launceston
St Johns Anglican Church, Launceston

St Johns Anglican Church, LauncestonThe beauty of digging around your family history is you never know what stories you might uncover. I'm relatively new to lutruwita / Tasmania, but after some research, I uncovered a family connection to Tasmania from the early days...

Mt Pleasant Radio Telescope Observatory
Mt Pleasant Radio Telescope Observatory

Southern lutruwita / Tasmania Mount Pleasant Radio Astronomy Observatory & Grote Reber MuseumTasmania's Mount Pleasant Radio Astronomy Observatory, perched atop a gentle hill, is an icon of scientific curiosity and technological advancement. Established as part of...

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Huon River, lutruwita/Tasmania


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